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Probably going to deactivate / give most of my accounts away.
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Ivan Braginski, Russia

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Personal Information


Ivan Braginski, otherwise known as the personification of the nation, Russia, is a rather mysterious and questionable you man. He is known mostly for being enigmatic, confusing, and downright creepy. He finds it difficult to express his feelings easily, mostly due to his rough past.

As a child, Russia had his two sisters, Belarus and Ukraine, who he still loves dearly to this day. However, as he grew older, he was alone for quite some time, and often came across as negative and bitter of other nations.

During the years of his life, he often did do things for himself. However, after World War One occurred, the Soviet Union was formed; which he called his "Big, happy family". However, the countries involved in the Soviet Union slowly began to break away, and Russia was left alone once again.

Currently, Russia does live alone, but his younger sister often
pays him unexpected visits to his home in Moscow. He usually is found in his backyard, kitchen, or even visiting other countries.

Russia Cat by SimplySilent




Russia is absolutely terrified of being alone. He hated being alone as a child, and he still does.

Russia actually doesn't mean to hurt people. Through Russia's life, the only way of life he knew was to be strong, and fight until death. So, quite often, he will come off as intimidating, and he may do bad things, but it is because he doesn't know other ways to handle situations.

Russia bottles up his feelings. As a child, since he was often alone without comfort, he decided that hiding bad feelings behind a smile often helped. He hates when people worry about him, especially since they most likely have enough problems of their own.

Russia always dreamed of being a good father. Russia actually loves children, and wishes he could have a child of his own. He'd make a wonderful father, especially since he cares and loves his own family dearly.

Russia doesn't hate Belarus. Actually, he fondly loves her...but not in the way Belarus wishes him to. He loves all his family, but Belarus is his little sister, and he wishes to see her love someone besides him. He truly wants the best for her.

Russia doesn't hate America. Actually, on multiple occasions, he will try his hardest to have a decent conversation with Alfred; until the American begins to insult him. Honestly, Russia admires America, and has even taken after his democratic beliefs.

((Hopefully, more will be added later--))

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You are my family; I will protect you...always.

I love you dearly, and I can't say much more. You'll be
mine forever, da?:
:iconthe-worried-one: Something about you after the Soviet Union made me think that you never wanted to see me again. I didn't think that you'd come back, and love me. I love everything you do for me...but promise me one thing.

...Become one, da~?

Comrades are good, right? Well, I'm happy to be friends with you.

...I'm not too sure about you...

You really annoy me, da? Stay away from me.

....I think your head would make a nice decoration above my fire-place, da?

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